Section II: The Five Bluegrass Instruments and Human Voice

In this section, each of the five standard bluegrass instruments, plus the human voice, will be discussed from the perspective of a working musician.  These six essays are intended for both experienced and developing instrumentalists and singers but can also be enjoyed by non-musicians who are looking to broaden their perspectives.

Apologies to the resonator guitar (aka Dobro) fans, this chapter is yet to be written.

Like any other chapter in this book, these chapters may be read in any order.



Section I: Bluegrass Primer 

Section II: The Five Bluegrass Instruments + the Bluegrass Voice: (you are here)

– Bass

– Guitar

– Mandolin

– Banjo

– Fiddle

– The Bluegrass Voice

Section III: Skills Development

Section IV: The Bluegrass Band

Section V: Bluegrass as a Business

Section VI: Sound Reinforcement for Bluegrass Bands